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Wendy on the Issues


Our kid's future should not be a partisan fight. Wendy is a mom, music teacher and former Portage School Board Member, who believes ranking 50th in reading and 32nd in Education Nationwide is unacceptable. Wendy will work with anyone from any party to encourage and promote academic achievement.


Michigan has made historic strides in the past decade in education funding. We need to continue these landmark investments into K-12 Education - without raising taxes. We also need to make sure students with learning difficulties get the funding they need. Another way of investing in our kids is providing scholarships to help everyone meet their full potential.


When it comes to fixing Michigan's failing education system, our main priority must be student success and development, not bowing to national unions or special interests. It's self-evident that one-size-fits-all solutions do not work, so Wendy believes we need to listen to parents who know what is best for their children. Wendy is not afraid to meet with parents, teachers and students to hear their thoughts and concerns.​


Wendy Mazer believes that parents matter. So, she'll never put government bureaucrats or politicians between parents and their kids. Wendy is concerned about what is being taught in our schools. There is a difference between teaching history or health and teaching the extreme agendas of groomers and unions. Wendy is against teaching Critical Race Theory and believes sexual deviancy doesn't need to be taught to young children.


When schools see a steady improvement in student success, we should reward that school and its teachers. We need to support teachers and ensure they are rewarded for their hard work and care for their students. As an elected school board member, Wendy gained experience with a broad spectrum of issues impacting our schools and students today and saw firsthand the lengths good teachers will go for their students.


Higher education includes more options than ever, and a large part of our future workforce will be in the Skilled Trades- Michigan put the world on wheels, and we can lead the way again. Wendy supports STEM and STEAM programs in Schools that educate and train students in various skilled trades fields.


Wendy is a Small Business owner, who like others, struggled to recover from the Pandemic and Governor Whitmer's lockdowns. On top of that, our state is on the brink of losing thousands of automotive jobs and farmers are finding it easier to expand out of Michigan rather than here, while our hospitality industry is crashing. Gas prices and inflation are eroding at paychecks and families have to make tough financial decisions they haven't had to make for years.


In the six years, before 2020 it's estimated 6,700 open skilled trades jobs grew to 47,000 open skilled trades jobs. This gap is only widening post-COVID and is a growing issue around our community, state and country. We must work to educate the next generation and encourage those looking for jobs to consider the skilled trades. Wendy knows college is not for everyone which is why she supports programs in schools like STEAM and STEM. As we head into a more globally-connected economy, improving our quality of education will make us more competitive for better-paying jobs.


Small business owners tell Wendy all the time that Government overreach is perhaps one of their most frustrating problems. More often than not, someone in Lansing or DC does not know what is best for a company in Kalamazoo County. Wendy will cut-red tape, get Government out of the way and end the mandates.


Wendy's father served in WWII, so treating our Veterans right is personal. Wendy  stands  for protecting our seniors and making sure they can retire and live their life without the Government in their way.


Wendy Mazer believes we have a sacred obligation to prepare and equip our troops when we send them into harm’s way, to care for them and their families while deployed and treat them with dignity and respect when they return home, because not all do. As the daughter of a WWII Veteran, Wendy understands the gravity of this promise. Our service members ensure our freedoms, our security, and our rights. They are willing to sacrifice everything -and many of them do. Wendy will always be a strong voice for them.

One of the essential roles of the Government is to make our infrastructure safe and reliable. In the last decade, Michigan has made historic investments in our infrastructure but there is still much more to do. Roads, bridges, and clean water should never be partisan, which is why Wendy will not focus on extreme rhetoric or political talking points. Wendy Mazer is prepared to role up her sleeves on day one and get to work .


Roads and bridges are used by republicans and democrats. Wendy wants to put behind our partisan labels and get results. We can fund thousands of good-paying jobs by investing in our roads and sourcing quality aggregate materials. Improved infrastructure will reinvigorate the economy and attract investment in our community. As a Texas Township Trustee, Wendy has met with the Road Commission to discuss our roads and work toward solutions. Wendy will continue listening to experts to create safe roads in our community.


Michigan has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Recently it was our water crisis in Benton Harbor. Communities around our state deserve to know their water is safe.  


As a Texas Township Trustee, Wendy worked with others to take actions to immediately address the devastating flooding.  Listening to lake residents’ fears and concerns and working together, they did everything in their power to help find solutions to ease the flooding. While there has been important progress, we must stay vigilant and continue monitoring the lake levels. Wendy will listen to the experts and homeowners to find long-term solutions that secure these homes for generations to come.

Wendy is a staunch supporter of our God-Given Rights. She is proudly pro-life and will always defend the unborn. Along with being Pro-Life, Wendy is a strong supporter of our Gun Rights. The Constitution clearly states that our Right to Bear Arms, "shall not be infringed." The Constitution needs leaders who will defend it and enforce it more than ever and we can trust Wendy to be one of those needed leaders.

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